Implementation of switching law constrained for controlling of switched linear systems

  • Sara Kashisaz Islamic Azad University Qeshm Branch, Iran
  • Mohsen Manna University of Hormozgan, Iran
Keywords: Switched Linear Systems, Constrained Switching Law, Quadratic Lyapunov Function, Linear Matrix Inequality.


A special class of switched linear systems with switching law constrained to logical state-input can be employed to model a wide range of different systems. The present paper presents a new stability analysis and controller design method for this class of hybrid systems. Proposed methods is based on the quadratic Lyapunov function. Stability analysis and design of these systems have resulted in solving a convex optimization problem of Linear Matrix Inequality type. The results of simulation on dc-dc buck converter confirm the effectiveness of proposed method.


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Author Biographies

Sara Kashisaz, Islamic Azad University Qeshm Branch, Iran

Department of Electronic Engineering, Islamic Azad University Qeshm Branch, Iran

Mohsen Manna, University of Hormozgan, Iran

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Hormozgan, Iran


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