Optimization of HV cables design & material consumption

  • Fereydun Aghamohammadi Zanjan Electricity Distribution Company (ZEDC)
  • Sadegh Yousefi Abhar Cable Co. Iran
Keywords: High Voltage Cable; Elctrical field; XLPE; Insulation thickne; ANSYS.


This paper discusses the results of a basic study for the development of High Voltage (HV) XLPE cables. The authors have studied effects of changing basic construction of HV cables in order to improve design and material consumption of HV cables and studying these changes effect on the quality of manufactured HV cables. Studying of XLPE material’s properties, such as minimum insulation breakdown stress, PD level, electric fields change and etc. to set the proper design values for HV cable designing. Electrical field study for this paper has done with ANSYS software.


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Author Biographies

Fereydun Aghamohammadi, Zanjan Electricity Distribution Company (ZEDC)

Zanjan Electricity Distribution Company (ZEDC)

Sadegh Yousefi, Abhar Cable Co. Iran

Abhar Cable Co. Iran


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