Investigation of the sorption properties of pyrolysis product of sludge after treatment with ashing

  • Ilnar A. Nasyrov Kazan Federal University
  • Valeria V. Terentiyeva Kazan Federal University
  • Gennady V. Mavrin Kazan Federal University
Keywords: Pyrolysis, sorption, sludge, waste, heavy metal ions, ashing.


In this paper the properties of potential sorption materials obtained by the pyrolysis method from sludge and treated with ashing were investigated. The moisture content and bulk density of the solid product of the pyrolysis of the biological wastewater treatment sludge are studied. The indices of water extract are determined. The content of heavy metal ions is studied. The sorption ability of the obtained solid product of pyrolysis of sludge by iodine was studied using the titrimetric method and methylene blue on a spectrophotometer UNICO 2800. The sorption properties of the pyrolysis product of silt sediments treated with ashing with respect to iron, copper, chromium, nickel and zinc ions under static conditions using atomic emission spectrometry on the Agilent 720-OES spectrometer were studied. Degree of sorption of heavy metal ions is calculated. Data on the coal sorbent BAU and the degree of sorption of solid pyrolysis products without treatment for comparison are given. It has been established that after treatment with "dry" ashing for the product of pyrolysis of sludge the sorption capacity with respect to chromium ions increases. The degree of purification from ions of heavy metals: iron, copper and chromium, using a solid product of pyrolysis of sludge treated with ashing, reaches 52.7-99.6 %.


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Author Biographies

Ilnar A. Nasyrov, Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University

Valeria V. Terentiyeva, Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University

Gennady V. Mavrin, Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University


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