Technique, principles and features of assessment of economic efficiency of highways construction and reconstruction

  • D. V Filippov NEFU Road Construction Faculty, Yakutsk, RUSSIA
  • A. E Ivanova NEFU Road Construction Faculty, Department of «Highways and Airfield», Yakutsk, RUSSIA
Keywords: Construction norms, assessment technique, economic efficiency, capital investments, construction and reconstruction of highways, intra-transport and extra-transport effect.


Efficiency assessment technique of capital investments in construction and reconstruction of highways is described in this article. Despite the degree of readiness of the methodical device, specialized construction norms of VSN 21-83 focused on implementation of such assessment were not widely adopted in view of the difficulties arising in the course of collecting basic data, their reliability and quality. The present article contains the characteristics of the grouped components and evaluation criteria, in particular, the description of settlement indicators in a section of the intra-transport, extra-transport and social and economic effects resulting from capital investments in linear objects of road infrastructure. On a concrete example the assessment procedure and calculations of summary economic indicators for groups and for the project in general is shown. What shows is a possibility of application of rather difficult technique and its efficiency as scientific tool of complex assessment for the solution of applied tasks in road construction. And use of departmental construction norms in combination with the dynamic methods of assessment based on the analysis of cash flows can increase substantially scientific validity of administrative decisions and quality of investment projects in the field of development of road infrastructure.


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Author Biographies

D. V Filippov, NEFU Road Construction Faculty, Yakutsk, RUSSIA

Candidate of Economic Sciences, NEFU Road Construction Faculty, Dean, Yakutsk, RUSSIA

A. E Ivanova, NEFU Road Construction Faculty, Department of «Highways and Airfield», Yakutsk, RUSSIA

NEFU Road Construction Faculty, Department of «Highways and Airfield», lecturer
Yakutsk, RUSSIA


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