Implementation of the myth of the cultural hero in the social and political reality of Ukraine




political myth, cultural hero, mythologeme, collective subconscious, manipulation of mass consciousness.


The article analyzes populist trends in the modern social and political space of Ukraine, in particular, the process of introducing the myth of the cultural hero. The methodological foundation is Jungian philosophy, which recognizes that social activity is caused by the motivational forces of the collective unconscious (C. Jung, E. Fromm, J. Campbell). The hypothesis is put forward that the political choice of the electorate is a manifestation of the objectification of the universal cross-cultural myth. During the analysis of the architectonics of the corresponding myth, 11 mythologemes were found, combined into a narrative about the evolution of a prominent person. The presence of these mythologemes in the television series “Servant of the People”, which contributed to the victory of the young actor Vol. Zelensky in the presidential elections of 2019, was traced. It is concluded that the mentioned cinematographic product covertly influenced the electoral position, forming it by means of instrumental labelling based on a myth imprinted in the subconscious.


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Author Biographies

Vitalii Biletskyi, Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University, Ukraine.

Candidat of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor, Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University, Ukraine.

Hanna Onkovych, Kyiv Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor, Kyiv Medical University, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Natalia Flegontova, Kyiv Medical University, Ukraine.

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Kyiv Medical University, Ukraine.

Zoia Adamia, Sokhumi State University, (Georgia).

Doctor of Philology, Professor, Georgian International University, Sokhumi State University, (Georgia), Tskhum-Abkhazian Academy of Sciences (Georgia).

Artem D. Onkovуch, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Kyiv.

Candidat of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, Kyiv.


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Biletskyi, V., Onkovych, H., Flegontova, N., Adamia, Z., & Onkovуch A. D. (2023). Implementation of the myth of the cultural hero in the social and political reality of Ukraine. Amazonia Investiga, 12(68), 52–66.