Innovative potential and development of Ukrainian small enterpris-es during the war (2022-2023)

Keywords: innovative development, entrepreneurial activity, Russian-Ukrainian war, investments, liberal economy, military aggres-sion, energy crisis, digital economy, alternative energy, government in a smartphone.


The purpose of the article is to study the development of entrepreneurship in Ukraine during the war, taking into ac-count the need to implement innovative solutions. This necessity is caused by the uncertain environment of the full-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, from the terrorist acts of which civilian infrastructure and civilians suffer. The uncertainty of the environment in the conditions of hostilities makes it impossible to plan the long-term and medium-term development of entrepreneurship. That is why the article considers the essence and struc-ture of entrepreneurial innovations for the effective organization of activities in the conditions of hostilities. For the development of innovative entrepreneurial activity in Ukraine, according to the authors of the article, special investment conditions should be created. This issue takes on particular importance in 2022-2023, when the country's economy has shifted to a war footing. The article states that small business should become the main engine of wartime and post-war period. Studying the experience of developed countries, analyzing the structure of their economies, the authors pro-pose to create special business conditions for the development of small and micro entrepreneurship.


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Author Biographies

Svitlana Syrtseva, Mykolayiv National Agrarian University,  Ukraine.

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor of Department of Accounting and Taxation, Faculty of Accounting and Finance, Mykolayiv National Agrarian University,  Ukraine.

Uliana Ivaniuk, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine.

PhD (Econ.), Associate Professor of the Department of Management Associate Professor Department of Management of Organizations Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine.

Iryna Fedotova, Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University, Ukraine.

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor ot the Department of Management Faculty of Management and Business Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University, Ukraine.

Olena Hurina, V.О. Sukhomlynskyi National University of Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor Professor of the Department of Economics,Management and Finance Faculty of Natural Sciences V.О. Sukhomlynskyi National University of Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

Olena Dovzhyk, Sumy National Agrarian University, Ukraine.

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor Department of Accounting and Taxation Faculty of Economics and Management, Sumy National Agrarian University, Ukraine.

Oleksandr Nazarenko, Sumy National Agrarian University Sumy, Ukraine.

Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Accounting and Taxation Department Faculty of Economics and Management Sumy National Agrarian University Sumy, Ukraine.


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Syrtseva, S., Ivaniuk, U., Fedotova, I., Hurina, O., Dovzhyk, O., & Nazarenko, O. (2022). Innovative potential and development of Ukrainian small enterpris-es during the war (2022-2023). Amazonia Investiga, 11(58), 222-232.
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