Study on the optimization path of chinese online study tour program under the "5W" mode in the post-epidemic era

Keywords: post-pandemic era, Chinese language, online study tour camp, optimal path.


This paper provides an analysis and a detailed discussion on the Chinese Online Study Tour, a special product of the times. The study was carried out through a survey of the teaching resources of universities in 2021 on the online experience platform of "Chinese Bridge" of the Chinese-Foreign Language Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education, and took the Zhejiang Yuexiu University's project "A Tour to the Water Town of Shaoxing in South China -- Clothing, Food, Residence, Travelling and Art" as a case study. The paper gives an in-depth analysis of the current situation and existing problems of Chinese online study tour camp, aiming to put forward the path of optimizing the Chinese online study tour camp from the "5W" mode of communications, and to provide feasible suggestions for the construction of new modes for Chinese online study tour camps in universities.


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Author Biography

Zhou Yu, Zhejiang Yuexiu University Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China.

School of International Student Education, Zhejiang Yuexiu University Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China.


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