"Digital turn" in art and the problem of entelechy of modern poetry

Keywords: modern literature, folklore, entelechy, digital turn, apophatic, creativity of Andrey Shatskov.


This article is devoted to two processes in modern society - digitalization and apophaticization. We are witnessing a “digital turn” in contemporary art, which leads to its massization and makes it more accessible, but at the same time, a person becomes metaphysically detached, cannot penetrate the aura of art, feel it metaphysically, which leads to the desacralization of great works of painting and literature. However, literature exists in a large dialogue of cultures, it contains the entelechial principle, that is, the meanings and codes of other eras and cultures.  In the center of the research is the problem of the entelechy of culture, which requires axiological and ontological study.  It is the entelechial principle in culture that makes it possible to withstand the onslaught of digitalization and technocratization. Research methodology: a holistic analysis of a literary text in the ontohermeneutic way with the use of a semantic research method. An otnohermeneutic analysis of a literary work, the poetic book "Tyutchev's Swans" by the Russian poet A. Shatskov, allows us to understand how entelechy manifests itself in modern culture.


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Author Biography

Marianna A. Dudareva, RUDN University, Russian Federation.

Doctor of Culturology, Candidate of Philology, docent, Russian Language Department No. 2, Institute of the Russian language, RUDN University, Russian Federation.


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