Using quick response code (QR) to access the educational material at the Saudi's iEN (National education portal website)

Keywords: Quick Response Code, educational websites,


The study aimed to identify the use of Quick Response Code (QR) to access the educational for the "iEN" website, the national learning portal in Saudi Arabia. The research team applied the analytical survey method of the study using the primary tool (the questionnaire) to a sample of 911 students of both genders. The study found extensive and active use of secondary and middle school students in the Northern Border region in Saudi Arabia. The study came up with the following main recommendations: The need to periodically measure the quality of the iEN's website's electronic courses to identify and enhance their strengths, with the need to update the quality standards of electronic content provided through the E-learning "iEN" platform. It is also essential to gradually apply Quick Response Code in public education in Saudi Arabia, with the gradual dispensation of the traditional system in the educational process. There is a need to expand the dissemination of the culture of using Quick Response Code among all segments of society, including students and faculty, and directing them to benefit from the advantages of e-learning that respects quality standards.


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Author Biographies

Mohammed Hussain Alharbi, Northern Border University - Saudi Arabia.

Assistant professor- Deanship of Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies - Department of Self-Development Skills Northern Border University - Saudi Arabia.

Yaser Mohammad Al Sawy, Northern Border University - Saudi Arabia.

Associate Professor of Library and Information Science – The Applied College – General Curriculum Dept.- Northern Border University - Saudi Arabia.


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