Functional and semantic field of aspectuality in different-systemic languages

Keywords: Aspectuality, functional-semantic field, grammatical category of kind, perfect kind, imperfect kind, perfect, imperfect, limit verbs.


Comparative analysis of linguistic phenomena provides the development of the problem in two planes: semantic - how similar or different is the volume of concepts in the national language world pictures, and functional - the means offered by language to actualize the concept in speech. This study provides a detailed analysis of the functional and semantic field of aspectuality in the English and Ukrainian languages at all levels: from grammatical to syntactic. The article also considers the application of the functional-semantic field of aspectuality as a tool for comparative study of multisystemic as to identify their common and distinctive features. The goal of the article was to identify and compare ways of transferring Aspectuality and their main regularities in Ukrainian and English. For this purpose, the phenomenon of Aspectuality in Ukrainian and English was compared from the position of modern aspectological views.


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Author Biography

Aliyeva Gulchohra Babali, Azerbaijan State Marine Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan.

PhD in Philology Associate Professor Head of the Department of English Language Azerbaijan State Marine Academy, Baku, Azerbaijan.


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