Trends in development of Russian Far East’s fishing industry in context of strategic regional growth

Keywords: fishing industry, Far East of Russia, fisheries, aquaculture, Far East economy.


This article is devoted to topical issues of the fishing industry development in the Russian Far East. Far East is the largest and the most abundant with fish resources region of Russia, and also it is the largest territorial administrative unit. The main scientific and practical task the research can help to solve is implementation of strategic prospects and scientific support of the industry development government programs. The aim of the research is to update the trends and identify the main problems of the fishing industry development in the Far East of Russia over the past decade. Methodologically the research is based on the concept of regional economy sustainable development. The article analyzes such indicators of the industry development as: number of enterprises in the industry, number of employees at the industry enterprises, volume of fish products production and processing, level of domestic prices for fish products, fish products consumption volume, fish products export value, volume of investments in fixed assets of industry enterprises. The key trends are identified and the most important problems of the regional fishing industry development are noted. Among such problems: the industry’s dependence on the world market situation, insufficient development of domestic market, excessive growth in prices for fish products in the domestic market, low degree of fish products processing, dependence of fish products export on Asian countries’ consumers.


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Author Biographies

Maksim A. Saltykov, Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, Vladivostok, Russia.

Candidate  of  Economic Sciences, Associate  Professor of Department Process machines and equipment, Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University, Vladivostok, Russia.

Candidate  of  Economic Sciences, Associate professor at the Department of Economic Theory and World Economy, Vladivostok branch of Russian Customs academy, Vldivostok, Russia.

Elena V. Krasova, Vladivostok  State University of Economics and Service, Vladivostok, Russia.

Candidate  of  Economic Sciences, Associate  Professor of Department of Economics  and  Management, Vladivostok  State University of Economics and Service, Vladivostok, Russia.


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