Establishment of a comprehensive system for the provision of medical services in Ukraine on market principles

Keywords: health care, medical services, medical services market, medical system, public administration.


The aim of the article is to develop recommendations for the formation of a comprehensive system of medical services in Ukraine on a market basis. Subject of research is the formation of a model of such a medical system, which would guarantee the quality, accessibility and transparency of medical services for the population. Methodology: In the course of the research the following methods are used: analysis and synthesis methods, structural and systematic analysis method, graphic method, method of generalization. Research results: The principles of State management of the transformation of health care systems in Ukraine to support the development of the medical services market are established. The stages of State management of the medical system transformation process in accordance with market principles of functioning are described. Practical consequences: The model of the comprehensive system of providing medical services on a market basis, as well as the assurance of highly specialized and high-tech types of medical care to all the people are proposed. Value / originality: It is determined that the changes in the health care system should be based on prudent public administration, which, in its turn, is grounded on the relevant principles, defined by the authors.


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Author Biographies

Vasyl Shevchuk, Center for Sustainable Development Studies, Ukraine.  

Doctor of Economics, Director General of the Center for Sustainable Development Studies, Ukraine.  

Pavlo Ivanchov, O. Bohomolets National Medical University, Ukraine.

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of Surgery Department №3 of O. Bohomolets National Medical University, Ukraine.

Igor Paryzkyi, Higher Educational Institution "National Academy of Management", Ukraine.

Doctor of Economics, PhD in Law, Professor of the Department of Marketing, Economics, Management and Administration, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development of the Higher Educational Institution "National Academy of Management", Ukraine.

Yaroslava Lakiichuk, National Academy of Internal Affairs, Ukraine.

PhD in Law, Senior Research Fellow of the Academic Council of the National Academy of Internal Affairs, Ukraine.

Vitaliy Oksin, Scientific Institute of Public Law, Ukraine. 

Doctor of Law, Leading Researcher of the Scientific Institute of Public Law, Ukraine. 


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