Study of the features of the acquisition of civil aircraft by Russian airlines

  • Galina A. Kalugina Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia
Keywords: Aircraft manufacturing companies, airlines, civil aircraft, leasing companies, leasing, aircraft acquisition.


Passenger air transportation is an important component of transport system of the Russian Federation, which has to be provided with effective work of all elements, especially airlines, in order to function in a competitive environment. Aircraft acquisition mechanisms play a very important role in airline’s work.

There are some market aspects of different schemes of passenger jet aircraft acquisition by both foreign and domestic airlines considered in this article, and also reflected modern tendencies of aviation leasing in Russia.

Various forms of acquiring passenger aircraft by airlines were considered as a result of the studies, here we can find the most popular of them, their features, advantages, and disadvantages. There is dynamics of changes in the use of aviation leasing in a large historical retrospective, demonstrating the constant growth in the popularity of leasing.

The statistical data of the global aircraft fleet, as well as the fleet of the largest airlines and leasing companies in the world in general and Russia in particular, are presented and analyzed. The share of leasing use by global and Russian companies is shown.

Based on the results of factor analysis, there are the main reasons for using aviation leasing. The influence of the economic and political situation on the decisions of world and Russian airlines when choosing a scheme for acquiring aircraft is reflected.

Here we can find a brief description of the world and Russian aircraft and air transportation market. There are conclusions about the need for a systematic development of the air transport and aircraft building industry in Russia using state support.

The study of the global market for civil aircraft is based both on statistical and factual materials reflected in authoritative foreign sources, as well as on the results of the author’s own analysis.

Considered theme is useful and actual for Russian manufacturers of passenger aircraft. Understanding of occurring processes will allow them to have better adapt to market conditions, more effectively communicate with airlines and leasing companies while promoting aircraft on the market, make more precise predictions of market development, taking into account all factors described in this article.


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Author Biography

Galina A. Kalugina, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia


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